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Wholesale Program

The ACE wholesale program was designed to make the process of selling our products as easy and profitable. Several of our partners greatly increase their revenue streams including dispensaries, local retail stores, supplement retailers, pet shops and holistic & health-care professionals.

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Who Partners with ACE

Offer High-CBD Hemp Oil To Your Customers or Patients

Online Stores

ACE is a perfect fit for website stores with affiliate programs and drop shipping so you can focus on sales.


Healthcare Professionals

Increase your revenue by offering your patients high-quality CBD hemp oil.



ACE CBD is an excellent natural supplement for pet owners.


Vape Shops

Offer a whole plant CBD vape oil to your customers seeking relief from stress, anxiety, inflammation and pain.

Retail Locations

Offer your local customers the highest quality CBD hemp oil they can trust.


Holistic Practitioners

CBD hemp oil is quickly becoming widely used by holistic healers and is a great way to increase profits.



Recent studies have shown the power of CBD hemp oil in reducing inflammation and providing pain relief.



Offer your dispensary customers high-CBD hemp oil for those that desire the healing benefits of hemp without the feeling of getting ‘high’

Join Today & Rapidly Increase Your Revenue!

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