All about CBD Oil and Cancer

There’s a lot going around about CBD Oil being a way to prevent and treat cancer.
We know you must have a lot of questions, so here are a few of the
most common questions answered.

Can CBD Oil cure my cancer?

Numerous studies on the effects of using CBD for cancer have shown that it has been effective in killing cancer cells, reducing cancer mass size, and prohibiting the spread of additional cancer cells in the body.

What Is CBD Oil Used For

In studies, CBD has shown promise in disrupting the endoplasmic reticulum of cancer cells. Why is this important? This is where the cell receives its nourishment for sustained living from synthesizing metabolites and proteins. CBD does two things in the cell. First, it pushes calcium into the cytosol, the aqueous part of cytoplasm that is critical to cell health, which always results in the death of the cell. Another way it can kill a cancer cell is through a Caspase (“killer protein”) Cascade, which breaks down the peptides and proteins in a cell resulting in its death. CBD Oil does not impact the healthy, non-cancerous cells.

Here’s the beautiful thing, after the cancer is destroyed, CBD stays in the body to help it heal. CBD shuts down the gene that causes metastatic lesions to form, the Id-1 gene. This slows down the cancer’s aggressiveness and prevents it from spreading into other areas of the body.

CBD oil is a non-toxic treatment option for cancer patients as many treatment methods are degenerative and destroy healthy cells in addition to cancer cells.

Benefits of CBD oil for cancer patients

There are many benefits of CBD oil for cancer patients in both fighting cancer and dealing with the side effects of cancer.

Triggers the death of cancer cells apoptosis
Helps stop the division of cells
Helps to prevent new blood vessels from growing into tumors
Reduces the cancer spreading throughout the body, metastasis
It also speeds up the internal cell’s waste disposal process, autophagy

We strongly believe that taking CBD while healthy will help sustain the body and thus help to prevent illnesses in the future. Many, if not most illnesses arise from inflammation and the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD can help combat those issues immediately, not to mention the neuroprotective properties which may keep individuals from being diagnosed with alzheimer’s or dementia later in life.

Types of Cancer that can be treated with CBD Oil:

In treatment, CBD alone has been shown to limit tumor invasion. CBD has also been shown to inhibit breast cancer cell proliferation and reduce tumor size. CBD’s shown great promise in inducing apoptosis in leukemia, colon and prostate cancer cells. More studies are needed to confirm absolute pharmacological efficacy of CBD alone without THC.

Bladder Cancer
Breast Cancer

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