Whole Plant
CBD Hemp Oil

Discover the endless
health benefits of CBD

Over 40 Million Adults In America Suffer From Anxiety

Use Our Whole Plant CBD Vape Hemp Oil To:

Curb Anxiety
Relieve Headaches
and Migraines
Reduce Inflammation
and Joint Pain
Combat Seizures
and more

Hemp-Derived CBD Oil You Can Trust

No Additives

Non Psychoactive

100% Whole Plant


Lab Verified

Gluten Free

Our Products

100% VG Whole Plant
CBD Vape Hemp Oil

$35.00 – $65.00

100% Whole Plant
CBD Hemp Oil in MCT

$72.00 – $120.00

100% Whole Plant
CBD Hemp Oil for Pets in MCT

$27.00 – $42.00

Customer Reviews

 “Our dog Miley is a black lab mix. One day we noticed that she was having a hard time going down the stairs and would rest for hours after chasing the ball for 15 min, which for her was very odd. We decided to take her into the vet and discovered she was having hip problems. We didn’t want to put her on any pharmaceutical medication, so that’s when we decided to try CBD oil. We added CBD oil to her food everyday and within weeks we noticed a difference! She wanted to continuously chase her ball & was coming down the stairs with ease. She is on it now and is feeling better than ever!” 


Anchorage, Alaska

 “I was at the house with my mom when she told me about a headache that wouldn’t go away. I had her take a pull of CBD oil from my vape pen and she immediately asked, “How long does it take to work?” I told her it takes about 10 seconds to hit the blood brain barrier when she suddenly interrupted me and said, “My headache is gone!” I love my CBD Vape Hemp Oil when I need immediate results and because it works!”


Yakima, WA

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